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Hot Beverages

Dark Roast Coffee Carriers (Regular or Decaf) with Creamers, Sweeteners, Cool Touch Cups and Stirrers    17.99

Hot Assorted Bigelow Tea (12 bags) with Lemons, Creamers, Sweeteners, Cool Touch Cups and Stirrers   17.99

Gourmet Coffee Service Upgrade with Truvia, French Vanilla and Hazelnut Creamers   4.99

Individual Bottles and Cans

100% Minute Maid Apple, Mixed Berry or Fruit Punch Juices   1.79

Silk Chocolate or Vanilla Lactose Free Almond Milk   2.59

Dasani Bottled Water   1.79

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water   1.79

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero and Barq’s Root Beer   1.79

Minute Maid Lemonade   1.79

Fuze Sweet Lemon or Diet Iced Teas  1.79

Steaz Organic Green, Peach or Super Fruit Iced Teas   2.59

Gallons and 1/2 Gallons

Healthy Orange Juice   11.99 / 5.99

Freshly Brewed Iced Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened) with Sliced Lemons and Sweeteners   10.99 / 5.99

Freshly Made Lemonade with Sliced Lemons   10.99 / 5.99

Iced Vanilla Cafe Latte with Mocha Beans   19.99 / 11.79

Crowd Pleasers  

(2 Gallon Minimum per Flavor)

Home-Style Strawberry Mango Punch with Orange and Lemon Wheels   19.89  

Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea Punch with Fresh Strawberries and Lemon Wheels  19.89  

Citrus Spiced Punch with Orange and Apple Juice, Honey, Fresh Ginger, Lemon and Orange Wheels   19.89


Eco Friendly Refillable Ice Bucket with Serving Utensil (4 lbs)   4.49

Ice Bag Refill Only   1.79

All Beverages with Basic Cups and Napkins