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Cool Sliders

On Ciabatta

Mini Turkey, Bacon, Cheddar & Ranch;  Italian with Ham, Salami,   

  Provolone and Vegetables;  Roast Beef, Swiss Cheese,

  Cucumber and Horseradish Sauce or Veggie Caprese with Fresh    

  Mozzarella, Tomato and Balsamic Pepper Mayonnaise   89.99  

On Miniature Croissants

Creamy Chicken Pecan Salad;  Signature Tuna Walnut Salad; 

  Smoked Ham & Swiss Salad or Egg Salad with Fresh Dill   95.99 

On Assorted Dinner Rolls

Roasted Turkey with Muenster Cheese;  Roast Beef, Cheddar,

  Roasted Pepper and Herbs;  Club with Turkey, Ham, Bacon and     

  Swiss or Applewood Smoked Ham with Swiss   89.99 

On Focaccia

Smoked Ham, Provolone & Fresh Basil Spread; Genoa Salami,

  Fresh Mozzarella, Sundried Tomato Pesto & Thin Sliced Red Onion

  or Veggie Italian with   Provolone, Tomatoes, Olive Tapenade,

  Pepperoncini  & Artichokes 89.99

Priced per 25 Piece min.